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We align community equity efforts across four key domains to define diversity as a workforce skill.  Sustainable change means that we do our work with communities, not to communities.  While we may highlight effective practices from around the country, we begin each engagement by working with the region to define their specific strategies and outcomes.   


We conduct cross-benefit trend analyses and return-on-investment studies that demonstrate the benefit of diverse schools/communities.  Then we use that data to work with the  mayor’s office, economic development council and chambers of commerce to guide regional task force on equity strategy.

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  • Analyze benefit of diverse schools and diverse housing on regional economic inequalities, economic growth, and population growth
  • Design municipal strategic initiative on equity that includes public and private sector engagement
  • Develop self-study tools and train leadership team to conduct internal equity audits and feedback loops
  • Define diversity as a workforce skill
  • Develop and facilitate required equity trainings for housing and real estate developers
  • Facilitate metropolitan working groups on equity and the public good


Whether your school, CMO, or district already serves a diverse student population or aspires to, we help you deepen vertical alignment to your diversity values and build community-led strategies that maintain those values and diverse populations.

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  • Intra-District (Fiscal) Equity Studies--determine if base and compensatory funds are allocated equitably across schools.
  • Cost-Effectiveness Studies--determine what programs work and at what cost.
  • Design strategic plan and implementation supports for equity-driven culture.
  • Align your diversity and equity strategy across internal operations, pedagogy, external communications, and parent organizing
  • Develop self-study tools and train leadership team to conduct internal equity audits and feedback loops
  • Develop and coach leadership team on leading and aligning to diversity and equity values


We work with multinational corporations and regional businesses to align  the business case for diversity to K-12 education outcomes.  Our corporate coalition provides  opportunities for peer learning and elevating public and private sector commitment to leading with equity in mind. 

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  • Build diversity and equity-centered community engagement plan
  • Design strategic plan to progress from diversity to inclusion to equity
  • Create community links to diversity as a workforce skill


We provide research and position papers to help legislators understand the short and long-term implications and benefits of investing in diverse schools and communities.

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  • Advocate for local, state, and federal access to funding and school assignments for diverse schools and diverse housing developments.
  • Write research and data analysis on positive impacts of diverse schools and diverse housing communities
Building sustainable cities — and a sustainable future —will need open dialogue among all branches of national, regional and local government. And it will need the engagement of all stakeholders - including the private sector and civil society, and especially the poor and marginalized.
— Ban Ki Moon