Equity in Schools

Whether your school, CMO, or district already serves a diverse student population or aspires to, we help you deepen vertical alignment to your diversity, equity, and inclusion values and build community-led strategies that maintain those values and diverse populations.

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Our Target School Partners

Beloved Community works with schools along the diverse population continuum and across educational systems:

  • public district, charter, and independent schools
  • Intentionally diverse schools
  • Selective enrollment/magnet schools
  • Homogenous schools striving to serve more diverse student populations

School-specific engagements include:

  • Quantitative and qualitative data assessment on DEI trends
  • Designing strategic plan and implementation supports for equity-driven culture
  • Aligning diversity and equity strategy across governance, operations, pedagogy, student culture, and adult culture
  • Training on how to conduct internal equity audits and feedback loops
  • Coaching leaders on implementation