What is the cost to use the Equity Audit?

This is a free, online Equity Audit.  Every company who completes the audit automatically receives an Equity Audit Results Report that highlights their organizational strengths and growth areas in each standard.  Companies may also choose to purchase an Equity Audit Detailed Report that includes feedback by substandard, feedback by stakeholder group, and a 45-mn consultation call with a Beloved Community team member.  The Equity Audit Detailed Report costs $500. Institutional pricing is available when ordering 10 or more detailed reports for organizations in a single portfolio or network. Please contact us at info@wearebeloved.org for more information on institutional pricing.

What types of companies should complete the survey?

The Equity Audit includes indicators that apply to individual schools and school systems (public, parochial, and independent), nonprofit and community organizations, and for-profit businesses. Organizations of any size can use the tool, but we recommend it for businesses that have at least three employees.

Which employee should complete the equity audit on behalf of the company?

Only one person will be the contact person for the results, but we recommend that you assemble a team to complete the Equity Audit together. We recommend that you include the senior leadership team members who are responsible for: executive team (ED, CEO or President), operations (CFO or COO), programs, data, governance. The assessment will ask for responses in each of these areas.

If I request advance data/input from my leadership team, how long should it take for one person to complete the equity audit?

If you are completing the Equity Audit individually, you should allocate 45 minutes to complete the assessment.  Each indicator is a yes or no statement, so if you are hesitating, we encourage you to follow your first instinct.  Remember, the Equity Audit is only asking you to confirm the practices.

If we assemble the recommended team to complete the Equity Audit, how long should they allocate to complete the equity audit?

When a team of people come together to complete the Equity Audit, they engage in robust discussion and debate about the nuance of indicators. We think this is a good thing!  Completing the audit together will help your team surface bigger questions about your DEI implementation.  We recommend that you have a baseline data presentation for your team, then allocate 2 hours to complete the Equity Audit together.

What type of information will the survey ask? What data/information should we have in order to complete it?

The Equity Audit will ask you to identify trends in your culture, programs, operations, finance, and governance. You should have access to your organizational policies, regular data reports (talent, budget, program, satisfaction and climate surveys, utilization, outcomes, participant/customer), Board/governance minutes. The Equity Audit will ask you to name the source data for each of your responses. The assessment will not ask you for your specific results (i.e. # of women who have been promoted to C-suite roles in the past 3 years), but having them on-hand may help facilitate your responses.

How familiar should we be with diversity data and diversity programming?

To complete the Equity Audit, it is vital that you know two things: 1) How do you define your company's impact area -- city, region, state, nation, multinational? 2) What are the demographics of your company's impact area? The diversity indicators will ask you to compare your internal demographics to your region. For each of these indicators, the team responding should know the general demographics of the impact area. If your company is located in the United States and you do not have a data or research team, we recommend consulting the 2010 US Census Quick Facts search to get high level demographic data for your region. If your company is located in the United States and you do have a data or research team, we recommend consulting the American Community Survey data which is updated annually, but is a more complex tool to navigate.

What if we aren’t sure how to respond?  Is there a “maybe” option?

There are no maybe/unsure response options for the indicators.  We find that the maybe option indicates a lack of clear data collection or analysis, so if you’re pretty sure that your organization does something, but you are not certain, you should select “Yes, but we don’t have clear data.”  If you don’t think your organization does this and you cannot identify data to confirm, you should select “No, and we don’t have clear data.”

Is the BETA version available in languages other than English?

At this time, the BETA version is only available in English. Please contact us at info@WeAreBeloved.org to request additional languages.

What will the results tell us about our organization?

The Equity Audit results will tell you where your organizational strengths lie in diversity, equity, inclusion, and data-driven practices.  The results will also include recommended next steps that may align with your work.

When should I expect to receive the results?

You will receive the Equity Audit Results Report upon completion of the Equity Audit.  Then you’ll have to option to purchase the Equity Audit Detailed Report and consultation.

How does this tool define Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

Click here for our complete Guiding Definitions and Standards. We encourage users to use these Framing Questions to understand the definitions:

  • Diversity: To what extent does your ____________ population reflect your region's demographics?

  • Equity: To what extent are outcomes predictable by a participant's demographics?

  • Inclusion: To what extent do participants feel respected and empowered? To what extent can participants impact the decisions that lead to their success in the organization?

Who will see our results?

The Equity Audit Results Report are automatically generated when you complete the audit, so everyone who participates in the audit session may see the Equity Audit Results Report.  Beloved Community team members will have access to the Equity Audit Detailed Report to assist in a detailed consultation. Beloved Community will also use data collected to analyze and report on trends in advancing equity.  Future reports that result from the Equity Audit may refer to organizations by profile, but no organization-specific data will ever be released to third parties.

When should we complete the survey?

Now is probably the right time. :) The Equity Audit is meant to be an annual audit of the entire organization. We recommend that companies add it to their annual data collection and analysis schedule so that they have clear baseline information for multi-year planning and growth.  If you are starting a multi-year strategic planning process, we recommend that you complete the Equity Audit to inform your strategic plan.

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