Equity at Work

Our Equity at Work supports build DEI capacity of businesses to successfully execute the structural changes that lead to an equitable workplace for their entire staff.

Sustainable change and culture shifts require shared power among a broad base of diverse stakeholders. Hence, our model emphasizes inclusive voice for all stakeholders across the workforce. We design our capacity-building programs to include a broad range of stakeholders in the planning process AND the implementation and monitoring phases, with an emphasis on mutual accountability. We work closely with companies to build goals, strategies, and practices for DEI across all facets of their organization - including operations, culture, and governance.  In addition to the specific operations, program, and culture shifts that our partners decide to implement, we also train and coach them on the following tools in our Mutual Accountability Framework:  

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Standards and Indicators
  • Process Metrics
  • Internal Equity Audits

  • Performance Metrics

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Our Target Partners

Beloved Community works with non-profit and for-profit organizations with a vested interest in diversity, equity and inclusion:

  • Non-profit organizations across sectors
  • Small and growing local businesses
  • Large corporations and/or specific company departments
  • Business associations and alliances
  • Start-up incubators
  • Government institutions

What our partners observe

  • Stakeholder shift from active resistance and passive compliance to equity-aligned decision-making
  • Increased recruitment, engagement, and retention of diverse clientele
  • Increased recruitment, engagement, retention and development of diverse team and leadership
  • Increased cross-cultural coalition building among teams/community partners
  • Increased equitable participation in programs
  • Decrease in biased human resources consequences by subgroup